It’s easy to upload your email contact list to your Facebook fan page, but then what do you do with this new audience you’ve created?

For starters, you may simply find the information interesting. I recently uploaded a list for a client and we discovered that most of our list could be found on Facebook but, of those, only about one-quarter were following our Facebook page. Surely, there must be low-hanging fruit there?

So, we ran a small campaign targeted at this list of people who were signed up for our emails but not Facebook fans. The campaign yielded interesting results. Only a small percentage of this audience ultimately liked our Facebook page, but our acquisition cost was low, relative to similar campaigns.

The experiment may me wonder if our list has some weak links and that we may want to consider doing a clean-up. After all, if an email subscriber cannot be encouraged to like our Facebook page, they are probably unlikely to engage with us in more meaningful ways.