I’ve been writing and creating content for brands for over 20 years – for print, for websites, for video production, and for social media. I am skilled in blogging, in managing website content in a variety of content management systems, and in utilizing outlets like Facebook and Twitter. I have a specialty in financial writing, including creating mutual fund brochures, white papers, and shareholder reports. I love bringing good people together for a cause, in life and on-line. And I listen for and retell stories.

Financial Writing
I have held officer-level positions at large financial firms, including Vice President of Shareholder Communications at J. & W. Seligman & Co., Senior Creative Associate at Morgan Stanley, and Assistant Treasurer at Chase Manhattan Bank. I have handled marketing campaigns for mutual fund launches, financial education copywriting for retail customers, messaging for senior-level executives, and communications programs (including crisis communications) aimed at shareholders. Clients have included Morgan Stanley, Legg Mason, and Neuberger Berman. I create clean, compliance-friendly copy based on attribution reports, news, and economic overviews. A brief interview is all I need to create compelling and accurate content, telling a product’s story in the unique voice of the brand.

Non-Profit Communications
I serve as Communications Director for the Lymphatic Education & Research Network, handling all of the foundation’s communications, including being its voice on its website and in its social media. I manage website content, write the blog, and update social media profiles. I saw the organization through a rebrand in which I successfully rewrote and migrated existing website content to the new site for the relaunched brand. I continue to craft our messaging across a wide variety of platforms to stay true to our reinvented identity as the brand develops and evolves.

SEO Writing
Creating and publishing fresh, compelling copy on a regular basis is vital to being successful on search. I write web copy that offers great content for human readers while using desired keywords in the body copy and in the CMS. If a story is told and Google can’t find it, does it make a sound? (Yes, but it’s better if Google can find it.)

I have written over 40 books for children based on Cartoon Network programming.

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